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Aliotti: 'I just wanted to be true to myself throughout my career'

After spoiling Mack Brown's farewell game by holding the Longhorn's to just seven points, and scoring two defensive touchdowns, Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti joined the media for one last time after coaching in his final game.

Understandably emotional, Aliotti offered up some advice right off the bat, and the rest of the interview is pure gold. You can tell Aliotti didn't want it to end.

"I don't know how you guys are going to take this, but most of the time in my career, I've had a bunch of young men that I always count on playing hard for me. I'm tough, sometimes I'm a little more crusty than they like, I can be the guy that's on their butt, but I think that when they know that you love them and you care about them off the field as well as on the field, and you stay consistent and true to yourself."

"I just wanted to be true to myself throughout my career. Integrity, hard work, and discipline and loyalty and dedication...those are all things that I tried to instill in my kids, and I think they really wanted to get this one for me. There was a lot of love for the game."

"This ended better than any dream that I could have had." Aliotti added.

Around the 5:30 mark, Aliotti talks about what the Oregon program has meant to him, and shares a story of his first grad assistant job under Rich Brooks back in 1978.

"I got here in 1978 as a GA, in a green Volkswagen bug with $200, no place to live, and every bit of clothes that I owned. I had no place to live. I took a chance, and Rich Brooks gave me a chance to come be a GA."

"I'm not kidding when I say this, I was sleeping in the locker room. I had no where to eat...I ate as much at training table as I could, a Daisy Duck lady took me in as long as I would mow her lawn and stuff, so then I had a place to live. Before I was done there I was calling her grandma, she was washing my clothes, was upset when I wasn't there for dinner, was setting the rules on what I could and couldn't do."

"So it's very important to me to have seen the ascension from the building that we have now, and the Taj Mahal that we have now...that all used to be parking lots."

Ironically enough, Aliotti added that he'll spend his first vacation of retirement duck hunting with his brothers. Enjoy it coach. You've earned it.