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Aliotti: 'Offenses can be shady'

For defensive coordinators, preparing for a bowl game is a constant balancing act between preparing for what an offense has shown during the year, and what they may come out and show for the first time.

Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti explained a few weeks ago that during bowl prep, defensive coordinators can be their own worst enemy because they have so much time to analyze everything. Over the weekend he provided some more insight on "preparing for war during a time of peace."

"These offenses, they're kind of tricky...and shady." Aliotti explained.

"The beauty of an offense is that they can put in new things, new personnel groups, new plays you haven't seen and you can't call timeout if you haven't seen it before, you just have to play."

"So defensively, you have to prepare for war during a time of peace all the time. So we have to be prepared for whatever they throw at us."