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All-access, behind the scenes with Turner Gill

Thanks to the FootballScoop Twitter Center, we noticed a tweet from Turner Gill this evening, “Here’s what happened last week in training camp.”

We highly recommend watching this all-access, behind the scenes production with Turner Gill and the Jayhawks.

In other Kansas related news, Gill spoke about the running backs situation. 

Says Gill, “The running back competition is still up in the air. We have quite of few running backs with a lot of different styles. I don’t care what their personal style is. However, I do want them to be a physical runner, to be athletic, make people miss and hopefully we have a home-run- hitter that has the speed and can go the distance. We are still evaluating and trying to figure out the best fit for our running game. We won’t have a true answer until we are in game situations, but once we get into some games we will be able to see what our guys can really do; who are the strong blockers and what guys can really get it done. We are in a strong evaluation phase and there is not a leading guy at this point.”

Offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Chuck Long added, “There’s a misconception out there about running backs that if they can run, just give them the ball, that it doesn’t matter whether it’s one time or 25 times. That’s not really true. They need a rhythm just like a quarterback needs rhythm. That’s why you want a guy to get 20 or 25. Some of your best production are carries 15 through 25.”