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All current and aspiring athletic directors need to read this

Whether you're a current athletic director, or an aspiring one, this piece from Winthrop Intelligence should be added to your must read list.

Winthrop Intelligence runs the "Win AD" database, which is a product aimed at assisting athletic department administration in becoming better and more productive, and recently sat down with Northern Iowa director of athletics Troy Dannen who provided some excellent advice for young administrators that he wished he had gotten earlier in his career.

"I’ve seen a number of good administrators who put off tough decisions, or temper the decisions they do make, because they are worried about harming a personal relationship—or worse—are worried about the next step in their career." Dannen explained.

"Treat each student-athlete like they are your own child. Spend each dollar like it comes from your own bank account. Work with each coach and staff member as a partner. Take full ownership in what you do and where you do it, and vest yourself personally in every outcome."

"The best advice I was given when I accepted this job was make every decision as if you would have to justify it the next morning in the newspaper. That theory forces analysis of all aspects of a decision, eliminates personal biases and serves as a reminder that we are accountable for each and every decision we make each and every day."

Grab a pen and paper and write that down. All of it. That's outstanding advice for administrators, and even coaches, at every level.