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An inside look at the fall of Grambling football

Following Thursday's firing of interim head coach George Ragsdale, I tweeted the following:

It turns out that was a massive, massive understatement. From George Dohrmann's look inside the situation surrounding this week's events at Grambling, here is the current state of the Tigers' athletics department: 

- An 0-28 men's basketball team
- A 9-23 women's basketball team
- A 3-33 women's soccer team since 2011
- A 9-48 women's volleyball team since 2011

All this on top of a football team on a 17-game losing streak. State funding has dropped from $31.6 million in 2007-08 to $13.8 million this year, while athletics department revenue has fallen from $8 million to $6.2 million. And things are about to get worse. Thanks to accounting acrobatics, the school has managed to inflate its athletics budget with university funds, but those tricks are about to run their course. The 2014-15 budget could be $1 million or more lower than it is today.

"We are functioning now in a financial emergency," said Grambling president Dr. Frank Pogue.

Earlier this week we wrote about the rise of Indiana University through Indiana football, centered around this quote from IU athletics director Fred Glass: "For better or worse, fairly or unfairly, people tend to equate the quality of your football program with the quality of your university."

Compare that with this quote, summarizing the fall of Grambling football bringing Grambling State Univeristy along for the ride. "It is not just football. Everyone has been down," senior safety Naquan Smith said. "I've been asking myself since the start of last year, what is going on with all these teams losing. It affects the whole school, really. But football is kinda like the tone-setter. We've struggled and it is like everyone else has followed us down."

And now, this:

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