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An interesting look at beer sales at college football venues

Over the past few seasons, selling alcohol at college football venues has been a hot topic.

As far as we can tell, about thirteen schools sold alcohol last season at their on campus stadiums to the general admission crowd (of legal age). Countless other schools make alcohol available privately to their suite sections.

The Dallas Morning News took a look at alcohol sales at college football sites like Louisville, West Virginia and Minnesota and gave some insight as to how those different venues are faring.

The article in the Dallas Morning News points out that Texas AD DeLoss Dodds is the latest administrator to weigh the benefits of introducing alcohol sales at football games. Dodds says that he has discussed the idea with West Virginia's Oliver Luck, whose institution managed to generate $520,000 in alcohol revenue in 2011, their first season offering it to fans.

Keep in mind that Texas can seat about 40,000 more spectators than West Virginia. That adds up to lot of beer.

Luck also told Dodds that "police incidents" inside of the stadium dropped nearly 65% after the introduction of alcohol inside the stadium, which we found relatively surprising.

The article also points out one school in particular that didn't have quite as successful of an experience this past year. Last week Minnesota reported that they had earned $900,000 in wine and beer sales (at $7.25 per cup) in their first year of stadium of selling alcohol during games. Not bad right? However, after crunching the final numbers, the Golden Gophers managed to finish more than $15,000 in the hole.

Nearly a million dollars in alcohol sales on game day, and not able to turn a profit? That's tough.

While it may be a mixed bag of results at this point, there is no doubt that beer in the stadiums is what fans want, and there are successful models out there (like Louisville's) that is able to maintain a family friendly environment. The original article, which can be found here, is a good read and has a lot of additional information that's great for even a casual fan.