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Position battle advice: 'Make your reps count, don't count your reps'

Wisconsin is one of a handful of programs in the Big Ten going into fall camp with a question mark at the quarterback position. 

While there is plenty of time for the coaching staff to decide who gives them the best chance to win before kickoff, first year Badger head coach Gary Andersen provided an interesting quote on ESPN yesterday when asked which quarterback was going to take snaps with the starters when camp starts.

After explaining that they've got two quarterbacks that are neck and neck, and they've got a junior college transfer coming in to compete for the starting job as well, Andersen ends by explaining how they'll try to split up reps.

"It gets a little technical when you start talking about taking three reps with the ones and the twos and how they get dispersed. The key for those kids once we get into camp is that they're making their reps count and not walking out there and counting their reps."

Great advice for all coaches to remind their players who are battling it out for positions during camp, "make the reps count, don't count the reps." In other words, make sure your guys understand how important it is to make the most of the opportunities that are presented.