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Andy Reid's answer to a hot media topic deserves a standing ovation

One of the many hot topics for reporters to lob at coaches and owners during the owner meetings down in Orlando this week has been how a franchise / coaching staff plans to deal with the possibility of having a gay player in the locker room. It's a cheap question that's getting a ton of play this time of year due to recent events.

Andy Reid doesn't see it as an issue at all, as he explains to a reporter "I don't even care about all of those things."

"If this guy is a good football player, and a good person, he's welcome in my locker room. That's all that I care about." he said.

"We work with all kinds of people, and as coaches we're all kinds of people. We're just a microcosm of life. Crank down life, and that's your locker room, that's what it is...a little smaller version but it's all the same issues, challenges, joys relationships. All those things. They're all the same."

Well said coach Reid. Standing ovation worthy.