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With half the season to go, some NFL teams are already in evaluation mode

The Tennessee Titans were beaten 51-20 by the Chicago Bears on Sunday, and owner Bud Adams wasn't happy about it. In fact, Adams was so unhappy that, according to The Tennesseean, he was in the air on his private jet back to his home in Houston by the third quarter of the game. 

When reached by The Tennesseean after the game, Adams had this to say.

“In my 50 years of owning an NFL franchise, I am at a loss to recall a regular-season home game that was such a disappointment for myself and fans of the Titans,’’ Adams told the paper. “We were grossly outcoached and outplayed from start to finish today.

“At this time, all aspects of the organization will be closely evaluated, including front office, coaches and players, over the next seven games. If performance and competitiveness does not improve, I will look at all alternatives to get back to having the Titans become a playoff and championship football team.”

The 2012 Titans stand at 3-6, but still have nearly half their schedule ahead of them. Head coach Mike Munchak and his staff are in their second season with the Titans and are coming off a 9-7 campaign in 2011. There is also a history of mid-season rallies in the organization. The Titans started 0-6 in 2009, capped by a 59-0 loss to the New England Patriots, before rallying to win eight of their final 10 games. 

Adams, however, is unlike NFL owners. This is a man who has twice been caught on camera extending his middle finger to fans. 

Evaluation season is not exclusive to Tennessee, however. Washington Redskins had this to say after a 21-6 loss on Sunday.

"When you lose a game like that, now you're playing to see who is going to be on your football team for years to come," Shanahan said. "Now we get a chance to evaluate players and see where we're at."

Shanahan's statement is already not playing well in the locker room.

"I'm not thinking about next year; that's an offseason thing for me," said Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander. "But you know it's hard when you see yourself in that type of position, and your head coach is saying those types of things. It's disappointing."

Like the Titans, Washington finds itself at 3-6 this season. And like the Titans, Washington still has seven games left this season. 

This is the NFL, after all. Nearly half of all games are decided by a touchdown or less. With nearly two full months left in the season, a late-season rally is not at all outside the realm of possibility.