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Are the Cowboys superstitious?

During Mike Gundy's press conference today he mentioned a few times that he has tried to change up the routine leading up to each game, but the players have been adamant about keeping things the same.

After being posed a question about if he peeked at the tough slate of road games leading up to the season, Gundy gets a chuckle from the crowd with his response and goes on (with a long winded answer) where he mentions that many people have been wondering what the Cowboys have changed to make preparation better. Gundy's response is "they don't want me to mess with their routine". You can find his comments in the video below.

Gundy went on to explain he beleives that messing with those routines could disrupt the teams chemistry, which he beleives is a vital component of many of the most successful teams.

Oklahoma State will finish their season at Iowa State before taking on Oklahoma at home.