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Are you ready to see college football's largest scoreboard?


They say everything's bigger in Texas, and no one says that more often than Texans. I still remember as a high school freshman touring Baylor's student recreational center when they made sure to note that their indoor climbing wall was two feet taller than Texas A&M's. 

With that in mind, of course Texas A&M's new scoreboard is going to be the largest of its kind in college football. Measuring in at 47 feet tall and 163 feet wall, the Aggies' scoreboard will span a total of 7,661 square feet, just surpassing the current placeholder for college football's largest scoreboard... the 7,370-square foot so-called Godzillatron belonging to the University of Texas.

The new Aggietron is expected to be open for business by Texas A&M's home-opener against Lamar on Sept. 6.