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Arizona State: All Black


Missouri plays at Arizona State tonight in a nationally broadcast game (10:30 on ESPN).

ASU will be debuting their new all black uniforms and helmets tonight.

The black uniforms have been extremely well received by the players and we hear the recruits in the area love them as well.

The game itself should be a fun one to watch. We're especially interested to see how Mizzou defensive coordinator Dave Steckel's defense performs against Noel Mazzone's offense. Mazzone's squad had 11 scoring drives last season that took under 1:10...and they had two last week under 1:33. In their opener last week against UC Davis, ASU put up 48 points and racked up over 500 yards. We suspect Stec's defense won't be as accommodating. 

We can't imagine that you're wondering; but if you were wondering about the black unis being hot to play in at night, this ASU professor says you can rest easy...the black won't make them any hotter at night. Whew.