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Arkansas gets creative to bridge the gap between coaches and fans

Over the weekend we saw a note saying that Arkansas defensive line coach Charlie Partidge would be answering questions from fans via a site called For those of you unaware of the site, it allows fans the opportunity to directly ask questions to an individual, and the answers are then posted for everyone to see.

Partridge has been interacting with fans and answering their questions (both serious and ridiculous) since Sunday. By our count, he's easily taken the time to answer well over hundred questions at this point, and we've pulled a few of the more interesting and entertaining ones for you to see below.

Excellent idea here to help bridge the gap between fans and coaches.

Q: What is your favorite sport other than football?
Partridge: Recruiting

Q: Hey coach can you explain that POD drill you like? Or tell me where I can get more info on it?
Partridge: 3 OL or 2 OL and a TE vs 2 DL running blocking schemes by play call. Tempo of rotation is relentless. Working to get reps!

Q: Whom have you hugged today?
Partridge: My wife and daughters.

Q: What would your ideal career be if there wasn't football?
Partridge Firefighter.

Q; Who is your favorite DLineman of all time? (former players excluded)
Partridge: Howie Long, Deacon Jones, Jason Taylor, Warren Sapp to name a few.

Q: By not naming any recruits name, what was the worst recruiting experiences you've had? And how did you handle it?
Partidge: It is always hard when you recruit someone for a long time and he doesn't come to our school

Q: I eat, breath, and live football. I consider myself a student of the game. I'm regularly in books about coaching and football, but I lack playing experience. I feel led to coach on the FBS level, but just not sure how to get over this hurdle. Advice?
Partridge:Work as a coach at the highest level you can and volunteer at the next level up during the off season for experience.

Q: Coach when u going go golfing?
Partridge: I'm the worst golfer in America. 100 is a great day for me.

Q: What do you wish the ordinary member of the public fandom would know about your job?
Partridge: That our families hear every criticism and sometimes it feels personal to them. We know how to handle it and usually they do to.

Q: What does it take to be a coach at this level?
Partridge: Sacrifices.

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