The SEC is a conference of bravado. You can’t survive in the league of seven straight crystal balls without a certain amount of chutzpah, an overflow of overconfidence. 

While there’s no doubt that a good deal of swagger is necessary to succeed on Saturdays and on the recruiting trail, how far does that really get you behind the keyboard. That’s the question that popped above our heads while reading a pair of Razorbacks’ tweets on Thursday night.

While the college football section of Twitter was busy setting off streamers and blowing into their kazoos to this cannon ball shot on Thursday night, to the tune of 500 retweets….

…Bielema’s boss had fired off a fastball of his own that largely went unnoticed.

A few questions…

1. Is it too late to submit this for the Humblebrag book?

2. Because you know he wants us to ask, who exactly is Long talking about here?

3. Outside giving his triceps a workout to pat himself on the back, what exactly was this supposed to accomplish?

As Long’s colleague Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork tweeted in response, “Not sure who you’re laughing at…. many of us do tweet but you set the standard!” So here’s thinking that Long got what he was looking for.

For your enjoyment here is a random sampling of some of Jeff’s tweets…







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