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Army head coach Ellerson won't assess team

Army is 3-2 heading into this weekend’s game at Tulane. The Cadets only losses have come to Hawaii (31-28) and Temple (42-35).

Head coach Rich Ellerson wants total focus on defeating Tulane. When asked to assess where his team stands at this point after 5 games, Ellerson responded, "I'm not going to address that. I want to honor the expectations of our football team, and that's to win our next game. This is not a moment to be sticking our head up and looking around and trying to gauge where we are from a season perspective. I'm not going to engage in that, and I'm praying that our players are not engaging in that. Those are the kinds of discussions, those are the kind of thoughtful distractions that will subtract from our chances of winning this week. We have to try to be 1-0 this week.We have to be prepared for the next practice. You've heard me over and over again say that, but the good news is that we're playing well. I can honestly say that. I think we're playing well enough, and have played well enough, in every phase of the game. We're close enough that we feel like we can play with these guys. We've got a chance, but it's so fragile. We have to be so right. We have to be so on point. We have to be emotionally calloused so that as the game ebbs and flows, we can clear and stay in the moment and win the next snap. That's our challenge. The good news is I think we're up to it. Now, we have to go out and practice and prove it."

Part of the reason the Cadets are playing better is their #2 national ranking in turnover margin. 

Ellerson said during Tuesday’s press conference, “We're not going to run anybody out of the stadium with our speed and strength and athleticism, but we're strong enough, fast enough and athletic enough. If we're on point and precise and executing our systems we can play with anybody on our schedule. That's the good news. The good news is we can compete. The bad news is there's no margin for error out there. We need to be on point, and we need to be there this afternoon."

Kick-off in the Superdome is set for 2:30 pm on Saturday.