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Around the MAC, English knows EMU turnaround coming

Quotes from head coaches around the MAC:

Quoting Eastern Michigan head coach Ron English: (After talking to his team about displaying 1. integrity 2. trust 3. embracing the process 4. belief 5. poise)

"It's interesting. I just presented that to the players at our first team meeting, and my point was if the building burns down and the foundation remains – and it will remain because if it's put in right, it will remain – that's what people should say about us. That we have integrity and we trust each other and we embraced the process and we have belief in each other, and poise."

"I think all these jobs are hard. So I don't look at (my job) compared to another job. I think I got this job for a reason. I think it's the right job for me, and I know – not think – I know we're going to turn this program around because we have good people here, and we're all committed to doing it.

"So we're going to turn this program around, that I know."

Quoting Kent State head coach Doug Martin: ''I remember when I first took this job and we were either picked last or next to last every year. 'Over the past three or four years, that's moved up and now we're usually picked in the top three. I think that's a statement to the fact that our talent level has grown and we've been right there at the door ready to knock it in to compete for a MAC East championship.''

''When you look at the recipe for success in our conference, it always seems to be the teams who play really good defense and have an experienced quarterback. 'And that's what we've got this year.''

Quoting Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos: "We definitely feel that the cupboard is not bare. We've obviously got to find a quarterback and we've gotta find some more guys that are going to pick up some of the production that we lost on offense, but we feel that we have a good football team coming back."

Quoting Miami (OH) head coach Mike Haywood: “Eighty-two percent of the guys passed the conditioning test as opposed to 57 percent last year.”

Quoting Akron head coach Rob Ianello: ''The basics of the program will never change. It's about fundamentals and about improvement. 'We want players like that. When we come out of training camp, we have to be prepared for the season. We have to identify our strengths on offense, defense and special teams.”