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Art Briles explains what to focus on when you're short on resources

Rarely do you get your first head coaching job and marvel at all the resources that you've got to work with. Normally a first time head coach has to be creative with what's been left for him and focus on other areas of the program.

Baylor head coach Art Briles provided some advice for coaches short on resources during an interview with SB Nation recently. Coming from a guy who took over a few rural high school programs in Texas before eventually taking over at Houston and Baylor, it's safe to say that Briles knows a thing or two about taking over programs with fewer resources than many of his competitors.

Briles explains that the first thing that you have to start working on in that situation is the mind.

"Everything's about your mental attitude, and how you approach it, and how you get to where you wanna get. You have to understand that the field may not be equal from a lot of different standpoints — resources, facilities, support, fan support — but all those things, if you let them filter in, you lose sight of your focus."

"Our focus has always been that we're gonna be the standard, we're gonna do what we do and do it as well as anyone does it, and we're not gonna have any excuses or comparisons along the way. That's our motto: no excuses, no comparisons, and no compromises.

SB Nation's piece with Briles is worth taking a look at and includes why he decided to spread things out back in his high school coaching days, his recruiting pitch at Baylor, and what he looks for in a quarterback (spoiler alert: arm strength is not in his criteria).

Take a look at the full interview here.