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Art Briles talks about the only thing that would attract him to the NFL

For the record, Art Briles wasn't in possession of his phone during Tuesday's Fiesta Bowl pre-game press conference, so he hadn't fielded any offers from Texas, the Washington Redskins or anyone else. That didn't stop the media from asking, of course. 

Briles was asked about his interest in the Redskins - and the NFL in general - and, while he denied having any interest in leaving Baylor, have a surprisingly forthcoming answer about what exactly would intrigue him about coaching at the next level. 

"As far as interest in the NFL, if we're just being honest, which I like to be, the thing that would interest me would be our style of play at that level," Briles said. "That's the only thing that would attract anybody I think in a position that I'm in, would be the style of play. I like how we play from a philosophical, schematic standpoint.

"I know the rules are different. The limitations on the number of people available in a game. To me that works to an advantage. If they have 46 guys available, there's going to be a few of them getting tired on one side of the ball. That would be the only thing that would spark my interest a little bit on that end."

Briles is a perpetual underdog and fanatically competitive, so it's not surprising to learn he's curious to see how his offense would fare in the NFL. Briles' offense is his professional pride and joy, and it ranks No. 1 nationally in points and yards. 

"But it's not something I would pursue," Briles closed.