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Art Kehoe: I screamed 'Are you serious?'

If you have ever met Art Kehoe, you know he is one of the single most animated people on the face of the earth.

His passion for “The U” is unparalleled. Kehoe coached at Miami (FL) from 1982-2005, helping the ‘Canes win 5 national championships. But after the 2005 season, then head coach Larry Coker decided to dismiss several assistants including Kehoe.

Since then, Kehoe has coached at Ole Miss, LA Tech, and with the California Redwoods of the UFL.

Rehired at Miami (FL) by new head coach Al Golden, Kehoe said today, "I never dreamed that I would ever come back to Miami. He (Al Golden) called me and asked if I was ready to come back to the family...I screamed."

“‘Are you serious?’ I screamed out my window.”

Here's the entire video of Kehoe's media session from this morning.

Kehoe had never talked with Al Golden until two weeks ago, but said, “I talked to Golden for the first time on the phone for 45 minutes. I hung up the phone and said, ‘WOW! This guy gets it.’".

"I don't even know what's out there on that practice field, but we have a leader in Al Golden and we will win."

The fifty-three year old coach will now work for his sixth different head coach at “The U.”