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'As a DC, I attack what I see instead of adjusting to it'

For the most part, when it comes to being a defensive coordinator there are usually two (very different) schools of philosophy. You can either adjust to what the offense does to try and put your defense in the best possible position, or you can attack what the offense is doing, and force them to make changes.

West Virginia defensive coordinator Keith Patterson is from the school of thought where he wants offensive staffs spending time in their meeting rooms adjusting to what he throws at them. 

"Defense is a mentality. Where most people react to what they see, I try to attack what I see. Instead of reacting, I try to attack what I see instead of adjusting to it." Patterson told the Charleston Daily Mail.

"A lot of coaches spend a whole lot of time sitting around making adjustments. I want to spend my time making them adjust to what I do."

The philosophy is a nugget that has worked for him in the past and was something he picked up while visiting with legendary Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

"When I was meeting with him, he said, 'Keith, give those offensive guys something to work on.' That kind of instilled in me that sometimes as coaches we say, 'Gosh, if they do this, we've got to adjust like this.' Well, what if we give them this and make them adjust like that? I think there's a big difference."

After giving up nearly 900 yards of total offense to Big 12 foe Baylor, Patterson and the West Virginia defense will have their work cut out for them this weekend against Texas Tech. The Red Raiders come into the match up ranking 3rd nationally in passing offense and 6th in total offense nationally.

Tune into kickoff on Fox Sports 1 at noon to see how that one shapes up.