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As a first year coordinator, before you install X's and O's, do this...

After spending two seasons coaching the quarterbacks at Cal, Marcus Arroyo joined Todd Monken's staff at Southern Miss as the offensive coordinator and outside receivers coach during the off season.

Just as a new head coach focuses on changing the culture of the team, Arroyo points out that coordinators must do the same on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. He believes that has to be done, along with creating an identity for your side of the ball, before doing any work on the X's and O's.

"When I was a little younger the first thing I wanted to do was put in all these X's and O's and all these scheme things. Now I think that the culture and ethos of the offense is really the most important thing to me." Arroyo explained.

Arroyo explains that being able to answer questions like "what do you want to stand for?" and "what do you want to look like?" should be addressed before working out any scheme related stuff with the rest. Getting your entire offensive staff on the same page with those two questions, and coming up with a cohesive offensive identity, will help you formulate what type of offense you're going to be without delving into schemes.