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As coaches, when do you get dialed in for kickoff?


Football is a game of routine. Whether you're a coach or a player, it's about doing the exact same thing at the exact same time on the exact same day of every single week after week after week for three months straight. 

On game day, there's that point where everyone wearing your team's colors gets locked in. Being locked in means something slightly different from person to person, but when you're there, you're there. 

As a coach, when do you hit that point? We've pulled out pregame photos of all 14 SEC head coaches. These are taken around the two hour mark before kickoff. Most of the 14 SEC head coaches take the five-to-10 minute period between leaving the bus and entering the stadium as one of their seven chances to act like a presidential candidate on a campaign tour. They're smiling, probably in a suit with a team colored tie, and shaking as many hands as they can reach. They're being seen. Again, that's most SEC coaches, but not all.

Take a look below. 

Will Muschamp does it with a smile


Mark Richt slaps some high fives on the way in


Mark Stoops graciously greets Big Blue Nation


Gary Pinkel seems to be pretty dialed in here


Butch Jones loves spreading the UT love


Franklin never misses an opportunity to thank the fan base


Saban at least acknowledges the crowd


Malzahn seems to be living it up here


Hugh Freeze takes thanking fans to the next level


Les is Les all the way up until kickoff [honestly , he's just always Les]


Mullen uses the double-five approach


To put it simply, Spurrier is just himself


Sumlin always looks to be enjoying the experience


Bielema seems to dial it in a little earlier than everyone else

So we ask again, at what point before the game do you mentally cross those white lines of game day?