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As only Ellis Johnson and Spurrier can describe it

Want to know a coach who never sugarcoats it, but hardly ever comes across as being negative?

We can't think of a coach, any sport, that does it better than South Carolina assistant head coach for defense / linebackers coach Ellis Johnson.

Following Saturday’s scrimmage in Williams-Brice Stadium, Johnson said, “The thing that I have not been able to see right now is the ability to do things consistency over and over and over. It’s too many mistakes and lack of improvement. Improvement has got to start coming along.”

“This isn’t about playing a game. It’s about trying to developing players. What I’m disappointed in is not consistently improving.”

“We just don’t have guys who are consistently taking care of their assignment.”

“I thought it was the same old stuff. I haven't seen a lot of progress and that is to be expected. We have a bunch of guys in and out of the lineup.”

“It looks to me the same things are occurring too often. When you see the same things over and over, you get a little concerned. Things at some point in time just have got to turn around.”

“We’re not a very physical football team. Just to be honest with you, we’re not very physical.”

“What I see is some players that haven’t played very much before not making a lot of progress.”

Just across the field, Spurrier was typical Spurrier. It was beautiful.

Pleased early with the quarterbacks, but then same old $^%%.

“You noticed how the quarterbacks threw the ball early? Then…they started flee-flarting around as we call it and nothing good happens. Until we teach these quarterbacks to get back there and make a decision, we’re always going to struggle.”

“It was disappointing, but not surprising.”

When asked if Stephen Garcia was his guy, Spurrier said, “Ahh, we’re not putting them in categories this spring.”

“I really think it could be the guy who ever has the best summer.”

“Everything’s open.”

As only Spurrier can describe it.