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Manny Diaz: There's a buzz around the place and no status quo feeling

You could totally sense the excitement of new Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz as he talked with 1300 am The Zone earlier today.

The Longhorns begin Spring practice today with five new assistant coaches. On the defensive side, Diaz and former Alabama defensive line coach Bo Davis are the new faces.

Diaz said, “There is an exciting dynamic to that. There is sort of a buzz around the place. It really feels like, and I have been on brand new staffs with a first year head coach, it really has the same feeling here. There’s not that status quo feeling. It’s a little bit ‘Hey, how do we practice here? Where’s the practice field?’ And everybody is out of their comfort zone again. I think it’s good.”

What about the depth chart?

Diaz explained, “As long as you are honest and tell them the truth, that’s what the players want. All we do is go off the film. We don’t talk about who we like the best. All we go by is production. It doesn’t matter if they are coming off a successful season or not so successful season. It’s still always about what you do next.”

Diaz said players need to know how things work in the NFL. He says he has explained to the players, “You’re going to have to fire a guy, they already have a guy. You’re going to have to put a guy on the street to try and take his job. Anybody who doesn’t feel like waking up every morning and competing, in reality is not what we are looking for anyway.”

“My job is to make them all go the same speed. I don’t want guys out there making decisions. I’m not concerned so much about the scheme. I know they’ll get the scheme. We don’t play today. I’m more worried about great effort, great attitude, and getting fundamentally better. I know we’ll have the right balance.”