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At Ohio State, 'preparation doesn't stop until the foot hits the ball'

As we all know from his time at Florida, to his exit, to his now stellar start at Ohio State, Urban Meyer puts a ton of time in at the office, and his assistants have proven to be among the best in the country at developing the right game plan to attack their opponents.

This weekend's challenge in the Big Ten title game against Michigan State presents a unique opportunity for Urban and offensive coordinator Tom Herman to develop a game plan against one of best defenses that college football has seen over the past few seasons.

As one reporter pointed out in a press conference yesterday, the Spartan defense (who lead the country in most major defensive categories) haven't allowed a single point in the second half of six of their eight Big Ten games. Based on that stat, a reporter asked Herman if he would have two game plans ready; one for the first half and one for the second.

Herman, after acknowledging that the stat was something he was unaware even existed, responded with a quote on preparation from Urban Meyer that has undoubtedly played a role in their offensive success this season.

"Coach Meyer has a great phrase where he says 'preparation doesn't stop until the foot hits the ball,'" he explained. "Once the foot hits the ball, you're in adjustment mode and you're constantly adapting throughout the course of the game, whether it's the first quarter or the first drive, or the first drive of the second half, or the third drive of the fourth quarter.

"You're constantly adjusting and trying to figure out where the defense is trying to attack you and how they're going to attack you. So no, I don't think that there is anything to be saved for the second half even if a team like this is having great success in the second half."