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Athletic Connections


As the owner of FootballScoop for nearly six years now, I am always looking to find ways to help improve the lives of coaches. Over the past year, we have been developing a new platform to streamline the way coaches (and administrators) connect with each other and today I'm very happy to unveil a portion of that platform, Athletic Connections.

Athletic Connections is at it's heart, a free way for coaches (all sports) to connect with one another. Think LinkedIn for people in athletics, but better... and confidential. 

Coaches can create a free account in about 2 minutes and then confidentially "Connect" with other members which simply provides each other with contact info. All connections are confidential, so if you want the number of the defensive coordinator at ______, just send him a connection request. Nobody knows. 

Further, we sought to create a far easier way for coaches to "Signal" their interest in jobs. Right now it can take hours to formally apply for jobs, often having to do so via a human resources website, plus sending hard copies of resumes, etc....often to not hear anything back for weeks or months, if at all. Well, Athletic Connections has a great solution for that. Users can now "Signal" their interest confidentially just by clicking a button and typing a short message which only the job poster will see.

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The person who posted the job can then communicate directly back with the "Signaler" to give them immediate feedback about whether they are a good candidate or not. Posting a job on Athletic Connections is free and easy (and we'll link to it from FootballScoop to ensure you get the best candidates). 

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The last feature of the platform that I want to discuss today - a whole lot more are still in development and coming in 2014 - is that every user gets their own webpage which they can design and share with anyone. Premium users ($3.33/month) can add anything they want to their page giving you the ability to tell your story online to the world. The possibilities are endless and we will be rolling out significant new features related to this shortly. Note that your contact information is not visible to the general public on your webpage, only users you have approved (we call "Connected" with) can see your contact information.

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Take a minute or two today and create your profile (which reserves your own webpage for you). It's free and easy. Note that on your profile page you can customize your webpage's address (for example, you might want something like I use "/ScottRoussel" or you might want something like "/CoachScott"). 

I am confident that Athletic Connections will become one of your favorite and most used tools going forward. The website is responsive and works well on your phone; but I'd suggest setting up your profile from a computer. iPhone and Android apps are on their way; but won't be ready until January. 

We have 20+ new features coming in 2014 but if you have any specific suggestions, I'd love to hear from you anytime ( or 225.229.3429). We mentioned Athletic Connections a few times last week and already have several thousand coaches on the platform and the feedback has been tremendous thus far. Have a great day and we'll keep at it!

To see my profile (and to connect with me), go to: Athletic Connections

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