AthletiCloud - High School Coaches need to see this

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Every few years you see a product and you immediately "get it" and think to yourself, "Wow, how have we not had this before?" Well, prepare yourselves for that moment; because I have seen it and invite you to do the same below. 

Allow me to introduce you to AthletiCloud, a simple, cloud based, mobile management app for high school teams. 

I have used it and over the next few weeks I plan to pass along a number of the "success stories" from other coaches who are using the platform; but allow me to show you some of the capabilities...

I'll share a few screenshots below; but really, to get the full effect, go ahead and visit and have a look for yourself.

They offer free 30 day trial; but honestly at only $99 per team (per year), really this is one of the biggest no brainers I've seen in a long time. 

OK, a couple of the key features:

Team & Group messaging from your phone

Need to text the team that practice got moved...or maybe text the parents of the JV team that the bus had a flat tire...or maybe you only want to text the quarterbacks...or perhaps just the coaching staff...all of that can be done simply and easily from your phone with the app. 



You're off-site and a player has a medical emergency. Open the app, pull up the player, push one button to text his emergency tree (defined by his parents) to alert them that you will be calling shortly and then call the pre-defined contacts. An incredible timesaver during what can be a very stressful and challenging time. Plus the app contains all of the players medical clearances, etc...

Mobile Attendance 


Not only can you quickly and easily take attendance wherever you want on your phone or iPad; but you can also set the system to take action based on the results...this is something you need to see. 

Task Management


Need to assign tasks for the staff...well, no more sending emails which might or might not get read, no more keeping binders of paper...the task management featured (designed by a long-time football coach) will quickly become a feature you absolutely rely upon to keep the staff and team on the same page. 

There are several other features I plan to highlight over the coming weeks and months (emergency, equipment, team banker, etc...). I truly believe this is one of those platforms that nearly every high school team in the country will benefit from and I look forward to sharing stories like the one below from coaches across the country as they adopt the platform. 

Visit now.

Full Disclosure: I have personally met with the principal owner of AthletiCloud and have used, and provided feedback on, many of the features of the system. AthletiCloud is an advertiser with FootballScoop.