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Auburn AD: 'The key to multiple title game appearances is self evaluation'

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs has been on both sides of the fence over the past five years.

Not only does the program enter their second national title game in four seasons (with two different head coaches), but they're also coming off a very disappointing 3-9 season which cost Gene Chizik his job, and ultimately opened the door for the Gus Malzahn era.

Those circumstances give Jacobs a unique perspective on what it takes to make it to the national title game. He told the Opelika-Auburn News that he's more focused than ever on making sure that Auburn has the right "people, policies, procedures, and atmosphere in place that enhances championships."

According to Jacobs, the key to making multiple national title game appearances starts with some self evaluation.

“The key to it is … self evaluation. Alright, so, we’re here our second time, so what do we go to do to get here the third time?'"

“We have an unquenchable spirit of discontent. And anytime you get to a place like this (national championship), or you go 3-9, you start doing things to make doggone sure 3-9 doesn’t happen again, and what you do to get back here and be 12-1. That’s what we’re doing.”

The goal for Jacobs is to provide every football player ample opportunities for every student athlete to walk across the stage on graduation day with a fat (most likely gaudy) national championship ring on his finger as they receive their degree.

“We’re already making plans, what we need to do in this athletic department, like we’ve done the last 12 months, and this football staff and this team and all of our student athletes, give them a chance to not only get them a diploma in their hands, but a championship ring on their finger."

If Malzahn can keep his staff together, Jacobs' vision has a real chance at reality.