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Auburn: All they do is win

In case you missed this one yesterday, Auburn just continues to find ways to win games.

Highlights are available in video below compliments of the worldwide leader.

In short, after a gritty come back effort, Mississippi State, down 7, was on the 1 1/2 yard line facing 2nd and goal with 10 seconds on the clock and no timeouts. Dan Mullen said, "Chris made the call on the last play of the game. We gave him two choices (pass or run). I put it in his hands and he made the right call. I like that. I like that confidence. Chris said, 'I feel great about this run call.' It looked like he had it and the kid made a heck of an open-field tackle."

Auburn head coach Gene Chizik said, "We'd prefer to win football games a lot different than we are, but there's something to be said when you can fight down to the end when it doesn't look good and still win the game."