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Photos: Auburn puts up impressive dorm right across from athletic facility


Following suit with what the Kentucky basketball program has done, as well as Oklahoma's fresh new dorm facility, Auburn has put in a brand new 209 room dorm facility right across from their football facility that will house many athletes, and football players in particular.

Almost the entire football team will be housed in the $51 million South Donahue Residence Hall, located right across from the facility that houses the weight room, practice fields, academic building, and meal center.

Most of the new rooms are two bedroom suites with hardwood floors, flat screen TVs, a separate bathroom and a small kitchen setup. Each room also has their own washer and dryer and some of the rooms even have a view of Jordan Hare Stadium.

Having the team together to live in one spot is exactly what Gus Malzahn wanted when he was hired. He sees it as one of the first, and most important steps in building a championship caliber program.

"The team bonding is very important. I told our team that's what we were doing the very first week I was here. Some of them weren't happy about it, but now they're excited about it. They understand why we're doing it. It's to help our team."

"It's got to be one of the nicest in the country," Malzahn added in Auburn's release about the new dorm. "You put that with the location, I believe most parents want their kids on campus. That's how we're building this thing." 

Athletic director Jay Jacobs echoed that sentiment and shares Malzahn's view of having the team together in one convenient area to build camaraderie.

"When you get to know people, you care about them."

Take a look at photos of the new digs for the players below.