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Awkward press conference as Vandy introduces James Franklin

We interrupt the FootballScoop Staff Christmas Party to bring you this story about James Franklin’s introductory press conference.

In short, Franklin was interrupted roughly 9 times by the Vandy president (didn’t really feel like googling his name) and/or vice-chancellor David Williams during his speech. Quick side note: Intern #3 is closing in on his 9th cold beverage at the Christmas party.

We are really glad that Williams made the following announcement before introducing one of the most significant hires in university history. Williams said, “I want thank my wife and kids. For three weeks, they had to listen to me answer three cell phones. My son, I did not go to his soccer game, all because we were in the business of hiring a new head coach.”

On to Franklin’s speech, again that was obnoxiously interrupted a number of times by the president and/or vice-chancellor.

Franklin said, “I was blown away by the commitment. I had a pretty good situation where I was. It was going to take something really special to get me on board. I didn’t need to leave. It was going to have to be something that blew me away and that’s what happened.”

“Really before I could finish asking for anything, they were saying, ‘You got it. It was one thing after another.’”

“I’m not a 6-5 guy. I’m not a 7-5 guy. No part of this program will settle.”

“I have a plan that I’m very confident in. We are going to reflect this university.”

“The next phase that has to happen is that we need to Commodore nation, fans, community of Nashville to be ‘all in.’ We are going to do some special things, but we can’t do it alone. We need everybody all in. It’s time for this community to come together.”

“We didn’t get into specifics (about facilities), it was more about ‘whatever it takes.’”

“My role will be the CEO of this program. We will have an offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. There is core group of guys that want to come to Vanderbilt University. We’ve been talking about it for years. We’ll be working together. They won’t be working ‘for James Franklin.’”


Quote from the vice-chancellor: “We don’t need to make any academic concessions to be successful.”

Quote from the president: “We told James, ‘Get the best staff you need.’ We have the resources for that. I don’t expect him to be successful without a great staff and I think that is a big difference (from the past).”