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Back in Lubbock, Mike Leach talks politics

Mike Leach returned to Lubbock on Thursday, but it wasn't for football purposes. In fact, while in town for a Texas Sports Hall of Fame event, Leach found time to speak to the Lubbock Area Republican Women. If any of the 125 FBS head coaches could relate to a group of Republican women, it would be Leach.

In a way that only he could, Leach related important team-building qualities to politics.

1. Be a team 

“The most important one’s the simplest," Leach said. "Understand how what you do affects the team, and I think that’s the same thing in politics and doing the right thing for America. Understand that everybody’s Americans. … Be at team, get people educated, get them involved.”

2. Be the most excited team to play

“I don’t think there’s any replacement for that, no matter what you do," Leach explained. "If you’re going to really do anything terribly effective, you have to be the most excited to play, which, to me strikes, ‘be informed, be involved.’”

3. Be the best at doing your job

“There’s no substitute for taking pride in your work, and being proud of what you do,” Leach said. “Your role may change, but if you want a different role, overachieve at the role that you have.”

Thursday night's event was first and foremost a political one, so Leach gave his take on the state of the Republican party.

"Well first of all, I think they need to unite the party,” Leach said. “There was a time when I thought there was a big distinction between the two parties. I think it’s a narrow distinction now, and I think that’s a little unfortunate.”

Leach's appearance was well received by those in attendance.

“We wouldn’t have missed hearing him,” Letha Mayfield told the Daily Toreador. “It was exciting when he was here, and we miss him.”