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Ball State making impressive strides

Ball State has made some impressive strides off the field in Pete Lembo's first year at the helm, largely in part to new strength coach and conditioning coach David Feely.

In March of last year, the Cardinals had 31 players benching 300 plus pounds, and four players benching 400 plus pounds. 

This season, those numbers have doubled. 60 players are benching 300 plus pounds and 8 guys are putting up 400 plus pounds. Similar gains have taken place in the squat rack and the Cardinals have also added the power clean to the workout regimen for some added versatility..

One player, Keenan Noel, who is making the transition from fullback to nose guard, has been more than impressed with the changes. "Looking at people when they first come in to now, it's ridiculous just the way people's bodies have changed, shoulders have got wider, chests got bigger, legs got bigger, everything toned up. Now you look and you're like, we're big. We're a football team."