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Bama players explain the Nick Saban factor

Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy and starting center William Vlachos explained their versions of the Saban factor.

McElroy told The Patriot News, “He really prides himself on approaching game plans with so much detail it’s ridiculous. He thinks about everything. He carries around a notepad that he’s always scribbling on.”

“I mean, you can walk by him in the hall and say hello to him and he’ll mumble hello to you. And you know his mind is on the game. But that’s why he’s so successful.”

Vlachos said, “He really does look out for the players, not just on the field but off it. He tries to help you out any way he can.”

“For instance, if you’re banged up and you need to come in and get treatment, rather than have to come in at 7 a.m., if you don’t have a class until 11, he’ll make sure the trainers are there at 10 so you can get proper rest.If it helps your schedule out, he’ll get it done even if it might be hard on some of the other people working there. He definitely has his players’ interest at heart and really takes care of them.”

Alabama hosts Penn State on Saturday night. Kick-off from Bryant-Denny Stadium is set for 7:00 pm EST on ESPN. 

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