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Barry Alvarez invited 25 ticket holders in to hear about the true fan experience

Barry Alvarez is one of the select athletic directors in the country that is truly willing to explore all the options available to improve the experience at Camp Randall.

In the past he has explored the option of being able to order from the concession stand from your phone, and then jump in an express line to pick your order up amongst other ideas aimed at increasing the fan experience.

His most recent idea involved bringing 25 ticket holders in to participate in an open discussion (called the Fan Advisory Board) about the game day experience in Madison where Alvarez and his staff engaged in an open forum discussion about everything from the concession stand choices to why they decide on certain things as an athletic department, and even included a tour of some of the new athletic facilities that are going up.

Interesting idea to get immediate feedback from the fan base and a great move by Alvarez to get fans invested in some of the changes coming to Camp Randall.