Baxter talks about building the USC special teams

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When John Baxter took over as the USC special teams coordinator a year ago, the Trojans made significant improvements on special teams.

Baxter joined Lane Kiffin’s staff after a 13-year run at Fresno State. Since arriving in Los Angeles, Baxter has immersed himself in to making USC one of the nation’s best special teams units.

How much so?

Baxter explained, “On July 29th, I drove my truck down here and parked it in the parking lot. The next time I got gas the next time on December 23rd. I’d say to say that I’ve learned this campus would be putting it mildly.”

Following yesterday’s practice, Baxter said, “You get what you emphasis. Our staff is just a bunch of overgrown gym rats. We come out every day to train and to build ourselves from a technique standpoint.”

So what’s different about what you do?

“We use the best body for the job that is required. The thing that maybe different from our special teams is the way we use our big guys. We put our offensive lineman in on defense. We put our offensive linemen in on kick-off return. We have offensive linemen and defensive linemen on the punt team. A lot of teams don’t use those guys.”

“As long as a guy plays hard, we’ll find a job for you. Football is a great game because it’s a game for everyBODY and every body type.”

Here is the video interview: