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Baylor's defensive staff visited the Steelers to learn the 3-4

Seeing the spread nearly every week in Big 12 play, Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett wanted to get more speed on the field to compliment his 4-2-5 scheme.

In the off season, Bennett went up to Pittsburgh to visit their defensive staff and learn some more about the 3-4 before deciding to install pieces of it for the Bears this season.

"After last season, I looked at ways we could get faster."

"It won’t be our base defense, it’s supplemental, but as much as we see spread offenses, it’s a nice versatile thing to do. We’ve been working with it since last spring, and I thought it was very effective.”

It's first game in, the wrinkle looked beneficial, holding a typically high scoring SMU offense to only 10 points through the first three quarters (and being up 45-10 after) , and forcing two interceptions and a fumble by the end of the game.