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BC has a new AD - What that means for the football staff

Miami (Ohio) athletic director Brad Bates was announced this afternoon as the new athletic director at Boston College. Bates, who had been at Miami for a decade (and was at Vanderbilt for over 15 years prior to that), now holds the future of Boston College's football program in his hands. 

When he gets to know the current staff, he'll find a likable and capable set of coaches; but also one that for whatever reason hasn't been able to obtain the success that they would like on the field. It's hard to imagine any scenario in which Bates isn't selecting the new head coach for the Eagles within the next 60 days. 

No one truly knows how the selection process will unfold; but one name that can't be dismissed from consideration is Mike Haywood. Bates hired Haywood in December 2008 to turnaround Miami's faltering football program. In his first season Haywood's team went 1-11; but in their second season, the Redhawks went 8-1 in conference and 9-4 overall. Haywood was hired to be Pitt's head coach but was released from that contract shortly after his hiring following a domestic dispute (the charges would later be dismissed). Haywood and Bates remain close and have a very effective working relationship. 

Haywood is Catholic (which is relevant at BC); but far more important is his overall body of work as a coach. His early stops in his career were at Army, Ohio and Ball State. He then had a long run as running backs & special teams coordinator at LSU and then at Texas. From 2005 - 2008 he served as running backs coach / offensive coordinator at Notre Dame. At each spot he garnered accolades for his rapport both with his players and his fellow coaches. 

Haywood is currently out of football; but that won't be the case a few months from now. He loves coaching and wants back in. We don't know if he gets back in as a head coach; but we're very confident that Bates has confidence in Haywood and will consider him for a position at BC in the future.

There is a long, long list of guys who like to be the head coach at Boston College and we're by no means saying Haywood is a shoe-in; but he's on the proverbial list.