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Beamer sends message about agents

Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer has two simple rules regarding agents.

"You can't accept one single thing from an agent. You can't commit to them verbally or sign with him. You talk with that agent after your eligibility is up and then there is no problem.''

Beamer said, ''Our message is this, and this is what I believe, this has got to start with the student-athlete.”

"What we tell our players is that that agent can't do one single thing for you to get you drafted higher. I'll promise you, there's not one single thing he can do. The way you get drafted higher is to go out and play well on Saturday.”

"If you tell an agent that you'd rather not talk until after your season is over and he doesn't abide by that, then that agent is telling you something too. If he's not going to do the right thing before he's your agent, he's not going to do the right thing after he's your agent.''