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Bedenbaugh: Physicality and effort make up for technical mistakes

New Oklahoma offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh is taking over an offensive line unit in Norman that returns four starters. Those starters helped lead the way for nearly 500 yards per game and over 38 points per contest last season.

But with a new offensive line coach comes a new approach to the game. After their first padded practice, Bedenbaugh admitted that he approaches the game a little different than a lot of other guys, and players got the opportunity to weigh in their first impressions of his coaching style. While most of the players description of him would fit any other offensive line coach in the country, Bedenbaugh says what sets him apart is that he demands that his guys get as close to perfection as they can be and he won't let them settle for anything less.

Players have noticed that there is a renewed emphasis on two things in particular, physicality and effort. Bedenbaugh explains that's because consistently playing with those two traits can overcome moments in games when you aren't technically sound.

"If you can play with great effort, and you're physical every down than you can make up for some of mistakes, technical and fundamental mistakes. We can't ever have assignment mistakes, but if you can play hard and play physical you can make up for a lot."