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Beer sales shockingly low at Holgorsen's opener

You might have heard that West Virginia has begun selling beer at their stadium during games.

Kind of ironic that the first game at which beer was sold was Holgorsen's debut; but we'll move past that.

This afternoon West Virginia officials released that beer sales during the game totalled $75,000. We understand that they were priced at $7 and $9. Assuming the low end ($7), that's about 10,000 beers sold at the game. Over 60,000 people attended the game. An average of 1 beer per every 6 fans. What? And to make it worse, the report added that the concession stands were open through most of the lightning delays. 

Earlier in the week we noticed some reports of long lines at the beer stands.

Just a reminder, LSU is coming to town in three weeks. You might want to order a few more kegs....OK, like several thousand more.