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Behind the scenes of Oregon's newest uniform addition


The last pictures that we posted on Oregon's uniforms didn't include the newest addition to the helmet. The new glossy coat (dubbed "LiquidMetal" by its maker Hydro Graphics) is the first of its kind and takes chrome to the next level.

Hydro Graphics is the same company that brought us the controversial "Maryland Pride" helmets to kick off the season, as well as Notre Dame's new bright gold helmets that they wore for the USC game.

The people at Hydro Graphics had to sign a non-disclosure agreement on this design that prohibited employees from bringing their cell phones or cameras onto the shop floor, and restricted vendors to the production floor to keep things under wraps until it was unveiled to the public Tuesday. They also blacked out all their windows for good measure.

The finished product can be seen below.

Screen Shot_2011-12-29_at_9.37.32_AM
Screen Shot_2011-12-29_at_9.37.43_AM