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Behind the scenes at LSU with Tommy Moffitt

Aspiring strength coaches have a handful of guys in the profession to look up to. One of those guys is LSU strength and conditioning coordinator Tommy Moffitt.

Moffit has transformed countless numbers of boys into men down on the Bayou, and him and his staff are highly regarded as one of the best staffs around in developing talent. Last season, we took a closer look at some of him and his staff's accomplishments.

Earlier today, LSU released a behind the scenes video of Moffitt and what his players have to say about him and how he helps them from the humor he provides, to the heartfelt guidance he's capable of when they need it the most over the course of a season..

"We have some fun too. College football is hard enough that if you can't have fun and laugh, then it's not worth doing." Moffitt shares in the video.

He also shares the following thought on why he beleives the profession, and the platform that it provides, is so important for young people.

"We talk about a lot of things, and I think that's one of the most important things about our profession. People get so caught up in winning and losing that they forget what the real purpose of this is."

"Every kid, and every coach for that matter, every person should be better for being a part of this great university. That's honestly my number one goal."