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Best of luck to the 12 new programs kicking off over the next two weeks

A few weeks back we highlighted a handful of programs set to (finally) play their first game this fall, and with the season now here, we felt like this was a great time to tip our hats each staff that is breaking in their team and wish them all the best of luck.

It would be impossible to accurately sum up everything that these guys have done to build their programs from the ground up over the past several months. But now they've got a chance to make sure all of those budget and staff meetings, days upon days on the road recruiting and draining their cell phones of battery continuing to recruit through the night, finally pay off with some on the field growth (and hopefully, great results).

In all, twelve new programs will get their first crack at things on the field this fall (with 11 more coming between 2014 and 2016) and we wish the best of luck to all these teams, and their staffs.

- Alderson Broaddus University (D-II - WV): First game against Pace University September 7th

- Berry College (D-III - GA): First game against Maryville September 7th

- Florida Tech (D-II - FL): First game against Stetson September 7th

- Hendrix College (D-III - AR): First game against Westminster September 7th

- Houston Baptist (FCS - TX): First game against Sam Houston State August 31.

- Mercer University (FCS - GA): First game against Reinhardt August 31st

- Oklahoma Baptist University (NAIA - OK): First game against Southwestern College August 31.

- Reinhardt University (NAIA - GA): First game against Mercer August 31st

- Southwestern University (D-III - TX): First game against Texas Lutheran September 7th

- Stetson University (FCS - FL): First game against Warner University August 31st

- University of North Carolina at Charlotte (FCS - NC): First game against Campbell University August 31

- Warner University (NAIA - FL): First game against Stetson University August 31

If you didn't notice, it's quite interesting that some programs were fortunate enough to schedule other first year programs for their first game (Mercer and Reinhardt, Stetson and Warner, and Florida Tech and Stetson), while others like Houston Baptist open up with an FCS powerhouse like Sam Houston State.

In all seriousness, the staff at The Scoop wishes all of you the best of luck.