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Best of the rest: quotes from AFCA

In case you missed any of our content from the AFCA Convention earlier this week, here's your chance to get caught up: Craig Bohl on the importance of leadership, the four pillars of David Shaw's program, Bill Snyder's true magical ability, how Glenn Caruso built his program at St. Thomas, how (and how not) to get a head coaching job and inside the grad assistant career forum

There's a lot of wisdom from a bunch of successful coaches packed into those articles, but there was even more that didn't make it into those pieces. So rather than let them die on the cutting room floor, we thought we'd share the wisdom in one all-encompassing post.

What were your favorite quotes from AFCA? Email us at and we'll post the best ones. 

Craig Bohl on influential leaders... "If they say something's purple and it looks red, you're telling them it's purple, too."

Bohl on trusting your instincts as a coach... "When your instincts tell you something, you need to move then. Don't wait for the data to back up your intuition."

Sonny Dykes on the value of listening... "The smartest guy in the room is the guy that's listening."

Brick Haley on his message to his players... "I tell my players I'm fluent in two languages, English and profanity. You choose which one you get."

Glenn Caruso on the game being bigger than any one person... "I tell my players, I love you but if you get hurt in practice, I'm moving the drill 15 yards and we're moving on. If I get hit by a garbage truck on Wednesday, they go to my funeral on Friday, win on Saturday and review the tape on Sunday."

Caruso on his program's true strength... "What's the best thing we do? I think we build. We don't necessarily build championships, I think we build people."

Caruso on knowing his strengths... "I'm not good looking, I'm not brilliant, I'm not a lot of things, but I am a persistent sucker."

Jimbo Fisher on defining character traits... "Accountability and dependability are the two most important abilities you can have in life."

Fisher on change... "Things change constantly. If we don't change, we get stuck in a rut."

Fisher on the true role of coaching... "We are here for (the players), they aren't here for us. Not one of us would have a job if it wasn't for them. I think we forget that."

David Shaw on living in the moment... "I tell guys all the time, be a college kid. When it's gone, you're going to miss it."

Bill Snynder on why he came back to coaching... "My return had nothing to do with football and everything to do with the young people of this university."