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Bielema says Bill Lynch not upset with Badgers hangin' 83

Wisconsin scored 83 points in the Badgers win over Indiana, but Bret Bielema pretty much begged people to believe he wasn’t running up the score.

In fact, Bielema said Indiana head coach Bill Lynch gave no indication he was upset their post-game handshake.

Bielema, appearing on College Football Live, said, “I get it (that some would be upset). It was a 10-10 game in the 2nd quarter and was a dog fight. We talked (at halftime) about coming out and setting our identity. Our two and three’s got in there and played very well.”

“I grabbed him (Lynch) because I knew some would want to go down that road. He didn’t say anything. I wasn’t running up the score. You know Wisconsin. We’re not sexy.”

“There were no style points involved there. We had our 5th string QB in there at the end. We got a late pick-6. If you watched the game, you would know. As much as people want to talk about it, things will all play out (BCS).”