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Big 12 coaches differ on elimination of championship game

Bob Stoops, Mike Gundy, Gary Pinkel, and Bill Snyder shared their opinions on the elimination of the Big 12 Conference championship game during a conference call on Tuesday.

Gundy and Stoops are glad the game has been eliminated.

Gundy explained, "I've always felt like that our goal as a league should be to have a national champion, and anything that takes away from that we should avoid. And we've accomplished that by eliminating the championship game."

Stoops said, “We had to win our championship then go win the national championship or BCS game when we just won a huge game, it's like we had to do it twice. Now we don't have to do it, and I think it is an advantage.”

Pinkel didn’t like the move and made an interesting point.

Pinkel said, "I really think the championship game and divisions are good for college football. I think it's rather obvious, too, since the Pac-10 went to it (beginning this year). We're going to miss that, I don't think there's any question about it."

Bill Snyder added, “I think most people view the Big 12 as one of the top two conferences in the United States. There are four or five trophies in our trophy case that in all likelihood would not have been there had we not had a North and South Division. And I think there are a lot of schools that profited by that, particularly schools in the North."

Despite the elimination of the championship game this year, the Big 12 Conference will have exposure on the traditional conference championship Saturday. Bedlam, the Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State game, will be played in Stillwater on that date.