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Big East officials cost Toledo a win

3PM Update > Toledo just held a press conference to announce that they have petitioned to have the results of the game vacated. Tim Beckman called the error by the officials an "injustice" and said he's, "here today to fight for our Rocket football team!"

Original article:

Syracuse hosted Toledo yesterday in what was a very entertaining game.

With 2 minutes to play, Syracuse scored a touchdown to give them a 29-27 lead pending the extra point. On TV, the extra point appeared to be wide left; however the Big East crew called it good on the field.

The replay official took a look but upheld the call. Again, every other person who looked at it deemed it clear visual evidence that the kick sailed wide left before it got to the uprights.

The score then stood Syracuse 30 Toledo 27. Toledo came down and got a field goal to send it to OT; but eventually lost in overtime 33-30.

Hours after the game, the Big East Conference released a statement that essentially said, the replay official was clearly wrong, the extra point should not have counted; but the Big East team still wins and the MAC team still loses.

Video of the missed extra point is below and the full statement from the Big East is beneath that.

“After studying the videos of the Syracuse extra point attempt at 2:07 of the fourth quarter, we have concluded that the ruling on the field that the kick passed between the uprights was incorrect, and that the replay official made an error in failing to reverse that ruling,” a statement from the conference read. “In reviewing the video, we have determined that the angle from behind the kicking team shows conclusively that the ball passes outside the right upright.

“Our review of the process determined that the replay official mistakenly focused his attention on the sideline angle, which proved to be distorted. We are confident that our officiating staff will learn from this situation in order to prevent a reoccurrence.”