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Big Ten coaches and athletic directors are concerned

Since the NCAA announced that they were planning to scale back on their many recruiting regulations, many coaches have cited their concern, with the Big Ten's Urban Meyer being one of the most vocal.

Today, the Big Ten coaches and athletic directors released a statement stating how just how concerned they are with the deregulations. Take a look at our article from last week detailing what is being proposed. 

Big Ten coaches and athletic directors would like to have the rules, scheduled to take effect over the summer, to be tabled and have highlighted three in particular. Those three include; the limitations on the duties of a coach and recruiting coordination functions, the deregulation of modes and limitations of recruiting communication, and the elimination of printed recruiting materials and video / audio legislation.

"We reviewed the 26 Rules Working Group proposals acted upon by the NCAA Board of Directors in January, some of which will become effective as early as July 1, 2013," the conference said in the release.

"We have serious concerns whether these proposals, as currently written, are in the best interest of high school student-athletes, their families and their coaches. We are also concerned about the adverse effect they would have on college coaches, administrators and university resources."

"We look forward to working with the NCAA toward improving the game, the recruiting process and the overall college football experience for all student-athletes." the statement reads.

"While we applaud the work that has been done to date, we are very concerned that the timeline proposed for implementation of the proposals does not allow sufficient time for the Football Recruiting Subcommittee of the NCAA Leadership Council to thoughtfully consider the impact of the proposals."

Some very valid points are brought up.

We're curious to know your thoughts. Is the NCAA looking at the big picture, or rather just throwing in the towel because there are too many rules (and rules of those previously stated rules) to properly regulate?

Send in or tweet us your thoughts.