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Big Ten coaches octagon cage match: Who ya got?


Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell appeared on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. As usual on the Dan Patrick Show, the interview involved some humorous questions and responses.

First of all, serious props to Fickell for checking in to the show via typical and appropriate procedure.

Fickell greeted, “Hi, Dan. How are you? Oh, by the way, 6’4 242 this morning.”

The best part came later on when Patrick asked, “If I put all the Big Ten coaches in an octagon, who is coming out?”

Fickell responded, “Me.”

He added, “I know my ability. I’ve got confidence in what I do. 18 years of wrestling probably does help a little bit in my book.”

In a Big Ten head coaches cage match, who would your money be on? Let us know on twitter @footballscoop

Luke “Bust Yo Eye” Fickell.

Pat “51 fists” Fitzgerald.

Ron “The People’s Champ” Zook.

Brady “Hail” Hoke.

Bo “Husker” Pelini.

Bret “Tequilla” Bielema.

Kirk “The Hawkeye” Ferentz.

Mark “You Don’t Know” Dantonio.

Kevin “Hoosier Daddy” Wilson.

Danny “The Boiler” Hope.

Jerry “I Will” Kill.

Joe “The Eldest Lion” Paterno.